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Special Events & Private Parties

Special events are opportunities for us to work more closely with our guests, occasions for us to share our dedication to celebration in exciting new ways. We have a private room available as well as other options for your event.


Private Dining / Large Party Inquiries

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Dinner reservations are recommended. Communal tables and bar seating are offered for walk-ins on a first-come first-served basis. Reservations are available from OpenTable or by phone at 303.953.9852. Please call us with any questions regarding availability.



Our Private Dining room Facilitates 8 guests and follows the same terms as large parties. 

Terms of the Contract:

Menu Selection

In consultation with Emmerson, the Customer shall select a food and beverage menu from the list of provided menu options.  The menu option list shall be attached to this contractand initialed by Customer and the Palace.  The costs per person for the menu option selected shall be summarized in the Financial Summary herein.


Room Charges

In consultation with Emmerson, the Customer shall select the room or rooms to be reserved for the party. A chart showing the room charges and Customer’s circled selections shall be attached hereto and initialed by Customer and Emmerson. The room charge(s) shall be summarized on the Financial Summary herein.


Minimum Food and Beverage Requirements

Emmerson shall inform the Customer of the minimum amount of food and beverage dollars the Customer must spend to reserve the room for the Private Event. 

Minimums are set forth in the Financial Summary herein.


Confirmation of Reservation

Confirmation is not made until Emmerson receives deposit.


Payment and Method of Payment:


A security deposit equal to 25% of the estimated cost of the final bill, which is set forth in, the financial summary herein, is required to secure your date and will be applied to your final bill. The balance will be due at the close of the event. For deposit only, we accept cash and credit card (Visa, MC, Amex and Discover).


Final Payment

Final Payment is due at the conclusion of the event. No split checks are permitted. For final payment only, we accept cash, credit card (Visa, MC, Amex and Discover) and approved local checks with proof of identification only. Out of area checks are only accepted with prior management approval.


Cancellation and Deposit Forfeiture Policy

The following cancellation and deposit forfeitures apply:

Party cancelled 45 days or more before the event: 100% refund of deposit.

Party cancelled 45 days to 31 days before the event: 75% refund of deposit.

Party cancelled 30 days to 8 days before the event: 50% refund of deposit.

Party cancelled 7 days or less before the event: 0% refund of the deposit.

Days are measured in 24 hour increments counting backwards from the start time of your event


Final Guest Count

Guest count will need to be solidified by 12:00PM, seven days prior to event for all adults.  This is the number of people you will be charged for in the final bill.  Days are measured in 24 hour increments counting backwards from the start time of your event. If fewer adults attend your party, you will be charged $25 per adult for un-attending guests.  If additional adults and children attend, you will be charged the menu option price per adult and charged for menu items ordered for children.


Final Menu Selections

A FINAL MENU SELECTION from the menu option you have selected for all guests must be given to us by NOON SEVEN DAYS prior to your event. Days are measured in 24 hour increments counting backwards from the start time of your event.


Terms and Conditions for Emmerson Events

1.     Guest expected attendance must be received 72 hours in advance of your event.  This number will be considered not subject to reduction and charges will be made accordingly.  If a final guarantee is not received, the number of estimated guests indicated on the initial BEO will constitute the final guaranteed attendance.

2.     A credit card must be provided to Emmerson in order to guarantee your reservation.  A 25% deposit is due 30 days prior to the function date.  An additional 50% fee may be required prior to the function.  Final Payment for the function must be made on the day of the function by cash or credit card only. 

3.     Force Majure:  If for any reason beyond the restaurant’s or client’s reasonable control- including, but not limited to strikes, labor disputes, acts, regulations, or orders of government authorities; civil disorders, acts of war, acts of God; fires, flood, or other emergency conditions- either party is unable to perform its obligation under the Agreement, such non-performance is excused and ether party may terminate the agreement without further liability of any nature, upon full return of clients reservation fee.  In no event shall the restaurant be responsible for the loss of profit or other collateral or consequential damages named by the client. 

4.     Emmerson reserves the right to reassign tables or rooms for your function in the event the original designation for such function is unavailable or deemed inappropriate.  This is Emmerson’s sole discretion.

5.     You may not use the designated space for your event beyond the time expressly detailed on the BEO without advance written consent from Emmerson.  A fee of $250 per each one-half hour beyond the scheduled end time of your event will be accessed. These fees will incurred if this spans into another groups reservation. 

6.     One check will be presented prior to your departure (including remaining balance, 8.45% sales tax and 20% gratuity.  The payment may be made by a single credit card or cash. 

7.     Patron agrees to be responsible for any damages done to the premises or any other part of the Restaurant, during the period of time the Patron, his guests, invitees, agents, or employees, who are under the Patron’s control, or the control of any dependent contractor, hired by the Patron, are in the restaurant. 

8.     No food and beverage of any kind will be permitted to be brought into the restaurant by the Patron’s guests or invitees without prior written consent of the Restaurant. 

9.     The prevailing party to any lawsuit or proceeding between the Restaurant and Patron shall be entitled to recover their costs and expenses of such suit or proceeding including, but not limited to, its reasonable attorney’s fees. 

10.   Time is of the essence to this contract.